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цитаты из речи Брейвика на суде
Полный текст пока не нашел 



"The knowledge that I will be imprisoned does not scare me ... I was born into a prison ... forced to watch my own people be degraded ? In this prison you are not allowed to protest ... this prison is called Norway."

0846 GMT: "The only thing that should surprise Norway is that such a large action has not happened previously. And yes, I WOULD HAVE DONE IT AGAIN." Crimes against "his people" are much more brutal, he adds.

0843 GMT: He asserts that some forms of violence can prevent greater violence, adding that killing 70 people will stop a civil war in Europe.

"A large civil war will be avoided ? We unfortunately don't have the luxury to wait longer", he says, claiming that ethnic Norwegians in a few decades will be in a minority.

0839 GMT: He continues: "People who call me evil have misunderstood the difference between evil and brutal."

He compares himself to the Americans who decided to drop nuclear bombs on Japan, saying they had "good intentions and motives ... even though the methods they used were brutal."

0836 GMT: "When peaceful revolution is made impossible, the only option is violent revolution," Breivik says.

п.с. кого -то он мне напоминал этими речами - теперь вспомнил 

Озимандиас из фильма Хранители (неплохой фильм кстати)

вообще фильм перекликается с некоторыми предположениями о дальнейшей судьбе брейвика и об отношении к его поступку .
бескомпромиссная справедливость уступает Целям и своего рода размену жизней за некое якобы светлое будущее .

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