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KUHNER: Obama’s homosexual America

www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/feb/24/obamas-homosexual-america/  (2 страницы)

неполный перевод 

Гомосексуальная Америка Обамы
несколько цитат

"Mr. Obama’s stated goal is to transform America. The most destructive aspect is this revolution against traditional morality. "

"Post-Christian progressives, such as Mr. Obama, are not championing anything new. Instead, they are slowly reverting to a failed, pagan past. Theirs is not a brave new world; it is a corrupt old one."

"" It is also why 1960s campus radicals - hippies, the new left and feminists - promoted the sexual revolution. They rightly understood that personal liberation, hedonism and moral relativism dissolve the very pillars of Middle America: self-control, personal responsibility, patriotism and God. The pleasure principle (if it feels good, do it) is at the heart of New Age liberalism.""

думаю об этом стоит помнить тем, кто перенимая некоторые полезные вещи у Запада, сталкивается с мнением\требованием перенять полностью ВСЁ , мол иначе не будет положительного эффекта и у других перемен .
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