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The Colonization of 21st-Century America

в двух словах, о чем статья:
 Зачем левые и "демократы" поддерживают иммиграцию многомиллионной "армии" с Юга.
Изменение состава населения для достижения своих целей. Коренные американцы слишком уперты и независимы для правящих элит и левых идеологов.
Сокращение "старых американцев" поддерживается с помощью всех возможных методов - аборты, феминизм, гей-браки, эвтаназия и т.д.
Обама - "анти-колониалист" и отрицатель особой роли и значения США.
Почему часть республиканцев не противится иммиграции и изменению характера нации.
Как поощрение бесконтрольной иммиграции (нелегальной) - поддерживает нищету и отсталость Южной Америки .


...D'Souza concluded -- based on Obama's infatuation with his Kenyan roots -- that he was fundamentally an anti-colonialist

...One thing is clear; Mr. Obama denies American Exceptionalism. In fact, he aggressively resists it, preferring the United States to be "one among many ....

..While there are certainly problems with D'Souza's analysis (Obama can be both socialist and Marxist, anti-colonialist and kleptocrat at the same time) I think his fundamental diagnosis is sound, but not just for Mr. Obama. The case can be made that the ruling elites in the United States all suffer from a similar malady, and America is quietly being recolonized to suit their whims...

...To the modern liberal, America was unjust at its founding. A wretched exploiter from the get-go, the United States has been nothing but a source of evil to the postmodern left. ...

...That is precisely what is occurring along our southern border: hordes of colonists are pouring in to settle, and not just in the border states, but throughout the nation. The political class has at best no will to stop them, and, in fact, many are actively encouraging this invasion, refusing to take any action to stem the tide and enforce existing laws. This absolute refusal (and it is bipartisan) is baffling to average Americans, and now the "Gang of Eight" is promoting an amnesty of 11 million illegal aliens (which may actually be 22 million and, through chain migration, could wind up at 45 million) in return for what? Promises of future border security. We give legal status and a pathway to citizenship in return for promises, much like the "land for peace" deal between Israel and her enemies. It didn't work for the Israelis....

...It's not intended to work; it's intended to change the American People.
If one understands that, one understands much of the modern Progressive left and their Democratic lackeys
The left wants to use immigration as a form of intellectual hybridization, to expunge the more "unpleasant" characteristics of the American public. They resent this country and resent the people who demand their own way rather than allow the "experts" and the ruling class dominion. So they want to import an alien people to reduce the stubbornness and independence that have traditionally characterized Americans.

And it makes so much of the liberal agenda understandable: abortion, contraception, feminism, gay marriage, euthanasia, managed health care with death panels. All are aimed at reducing the number of old-time Americans.
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